In Our Hearts


If your name’s not here, it means only that I haven’t updated to add you and tell the world how grateful my mom is to you!

Marla and her mom, Irma

Marla and her mom, Irma

  • Lynn and Roger at Na’Hoku–thank you for visiting my mom regularly, and for helping us get things signed and faxed and mailed, since we’re all the way out here in California! My mother works for the best jewelry company in the universe!
  • Martha J. and Wandal W. in Anchorage, Alaska, thank you for your donation! We don’t know who you are, but your support and lovely note in such a challenging time really helped us realize how connected we all are on this planet. Thank you for reaching out!
  • Renee B. from NaHoku, your note was so wonderful–thank you for your generous donation and for praying for my mom.
  • Kiyoshi, you are amazing! Thank you, friend!
  • Cousin Michelle, you are too much! Thank you for your love, support, and monetary donation!
  • Jess, my friend! I owe you a Jameson rocks! xxoo!
  • Monica, after all these  years, you are still in my heart; thank you for your donation to my mom!
  • Jay and Andrea–thank you so much!
  • Linda P., my poetry friend! Thank you for the lovely card and the donation for my mom. I haven’t forgotten your lovely poem sent to my sister last year. You have such a big heart–thank you!
  • Grant–it’s too much–thank you so much for your donation–especially on top of everything else you’ve done and continue to do to support us.
  • Mikage , Thank you for your generous monetary donation.
  • Grant & Sherilyn, thank you for the generous monetary donations, the emotional support, and the flowers–you are truly kindred spirits. We love you. Thank you.
  • Geeta –my friend, thank you for your generous monetary donation to help my mom, and for always asking how she’s doing.
  • Cousin Michael–thank you for the monetary support, the emotional support, and for visiting mom!
  • Thank you Jenny & Robert for your super-generous donation to mom in exchange for a one-of-a-kind Sequential-Life cartoon! We love you!
  • Thank you to the world’s best office mate, Cristina Salazar, for your super-generous donation toward mom’s COBRA! I love you!
  • Thank you to our friend APRIL STEWART for her generous, monthly contribution to Marla’s Insurance Premium

THANK YOU TO Marla’s co-workers from the Las Vegas DIstrict Na’Hoku Stores!:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous cash donation to help Marla. Mathew and I have used a portion of the money to pay for several months of a storage facility for Marla’s things, and to rent a UHAUL truck to move her items from her home to the storage facility.  This generous donation, in these serious economic times, was such a blessing. We didn’t expect it and are so grateful to you all. Thank you, also, for visiting Marla during the week. Having 1 person a day visiting her and letting her know you care means so much to her.

THANK YOU to our friend Sherilyn for putting us in touch with Lin and Saypin, Jack’s foster-parents for 2 weeks!

Sherilyn was kind enough to ask around work and find a friend who LOVED animals and who was willing to take my grandma’s dog JACK as an emergency foster-dog for two weeks while we looked around for a more permanent foster situation for Jack. I don’t know what we would’ve done without this kindness. Thank you so so much.

THANK YOU to my cousin/best friend forever Monique for agreeing to foster Jack for a few weeks while we look around for a permanent home for Jack! –make that ADOPT Jack! I knew your husband would talk you into it!!! Jack has found a home!!!!

Monique already has quite a few dogs and cats, but her willingness to help out and say “yes, no problem!” before I even finished asking the question was such a relief and a weight off our shoulders!


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