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Marla Keeps on Truckin’

Mathew, Marla, and Kirsten in June 2010

Hi Friends!

It’s been many months since we’ve posted here. Marla is happily moved in to her own apartment, back in Las Vegas and just a few blocks away from her beloved Terrible’s Casino, where she enjoys the occasional BINGO game. She’s been attending church, evening classes, and has generally been keeping herself busy. Right now she’s fighting the insurance companies regarding her billing; it’s been a long struggle to clear up the bills, the errors, the many facilities and doctors, and so on. However, Marla’s health is good. She has FINALLY quit smoking (week 8!), and they’re completing surgery on her eye in about a week. She still has not had her swallow back, and so she must stay on the feeding tube; however, she is adept at hooking it up in the evenings for herself. She does have a nursing aide come in to assist her, but the scheduling has been poor, and the aide sometimes doesn’t even show up, or shows up several hours late! It’s incredible.

Anyway, thank you for your prayers, love, and ongoing support. If you live in Vegas and are willing to pop in and visit my mom, I’m sure she’d appreciate the company.

Be blessed, friends, and thank you for your ongoing interest, love, and support.