This website was set up by Kirsten (Marla’s Daughter) & Mathew (Marla’s almost-son-in-law), to provide information to Marla Gregg’s friends and family about her medical status after her stroke in May 2009. The last two years, Marla worked hard during recovery. After spending 6 months in hospital and rehab, Marla moved to Texas to stay with her brother for several months, and then triumphantly returned to her own apartment in Las Vegas.

She had many friends and family members who helped her along her journey–from offering monetary donations, time, attention, and errand-running. The last year of her life, Marla spent it the way she wanted–living on her own terms. She continued to play regular Bingo at Terrible’s Casino in Las Vegas, and enjoyed attending Church with her friends.


Marla passed away in her sleep on October 16, 2011. She will be missed by so many whose lives she touched.

If you would like to honor Marla’s Memory, please make a donation in her name to her favorite Charity–St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Mom at Rehab in August, trying to smile despite facial paralysis


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