Hello friends of Marla,

Marla is now in Texas living with her brother; however, she is in desperate need of some kind volunteers to help her. First, those in Texas, second, help from those anywhere 🙂

We need your help if you live near Ana, Texas:

1. She would like to go to church on Sundays, and needs to find a local church and someone there willing to pick her up and take her home. She can walk with her walker, but would need mild assistance getting into and out of a vehicle. If you take her wheelchair, she can get around great.

2. Marla is not having luck getting to the store on a regular basis. Is there anyone willing to pick her up once per month and take her to Walmart or Target for personal care items?

3. Marla’s brother’s washer and dryer do not work. Marla has not had any luck getting to the laundry facilities on a regular basis. Is there anyone who would take her to the laundry once per week, or once every other week, and drop her off there to do her laundry, and then pick her up and take her back home?

For all of these kindnesses, Marla could reimburse gasoline and/or pay a small fee. Please email marlagregg(at)eatthepaper(dot)com and her daughter, Kirsten, will call you back and help facilitate the connection.

People with good research or phone call skills:

1. Marla is looking for a church near her address in Ana, Texas to go to. Could you find a church or two and provide the address and telephone number, and either put it here as a comment or email it to marlagregg(at)eatthepaper(dot)com

2. Marla is looking for “Adult Day Care” or “Stroke Survivor Support” or any sort of activity-oriented thing that would get her out of the house. If you could search around support areas or facilities near where she lives, and then put the information here as a comment or email it to marlagregg(at)eatthepaper(dot) com

3. Marla needs transportation services in Ana, Texas. She is able to call a van to take her to and from her medical appointments, but do you know of any services that Marla could call for disabled or elderly persons that takes them shopping or to church?


Marla’s website:

Marla’s email: marlagregg(at)eatthepaper(dot)com

Marla’s address: 9450 East Fork Circle; Ana, TX 75409


2 responses to “Friends–WE NEED YOUR RESEARCH SKILLS!

  1. Hi Kirsten,
    There are multiple churches in close vicinity to Marla; primarily Babtist. Does she have a denominational preference? There is a Presbyterian church in McKinney, about 25 minutes from Anna. I’d be happy to contact them and find out if they can offer any help. Being a Presbyterian Deacon helps me get through a tiny bit easier. Let me know.

  2. Sophie, I think Presbyterian would be more to my mom’s liking than Baptist. Do you mind contacting them? You can pass on my mom’s phone number (I’ll send it to you secure on Facebook). I don’t know how willing anyone will be since it’s 25 mins away, but hopefully 🙂 This weekend my cousin is visiting, but it would be great to have someone willing to take my mom out of the house at least once a month or every other week.

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