A Word of Gratitude to All of You!

Dear Friends of Marla,

Mathew and I were just taking stock of all of the wonderful cards, letters, flowers, words of encouragement, donations, and acts of selflessness contributed by all of YOU this past year. What a year of gratitude for us! It has been a difficult time for our family, but the end of the year brings a bit of a relief, but also the next set of challenges.

We wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your generosity, prayers, love, and support of my mom, Marla Gregg, as she moved through her recovery.

In April 2009 she had a series of small strokes and a larger, massive stroke. These strokes put her on and off of a breathing machine for several months, took the eyesight in her left eye, and disabled her speech centers and ability to swallow. Over the course of 7 months, Marla was moved from hospital to hospital, and rehab center to rehab center. In the meantime, she has been learning how to speak, has been permanently placed onto a feeding tube in her stomach, and has had to learn how to redo normal, everyday tasks like walking, sitting up and sitting down, using a walker, using a wheelchair, and improving her hand-eye coordination and her balance.

She still has a long way to go. Just two days before Thanksgiving we had to move her out of her last rehabilitation center because her insurance company would no longer authorize rehabilitation for her in the facility. Luckily, her older brother, Mac, who lives in Texas, generously agreed to allow my mom to move in with him at his property in Ana, Texas, because mom doesn’t yet have enough income to cover her insurance co-pay as well as basic living expenses like rent. Before she left for Texas, we drove her to San Diego to visit with her mother, Mrs. Wood, and her other brother, as well as a visit from my sister, Nicole, also a stroke survivor. It was a Thanksgiving of mixed blessings–seeing my mom, my sister, and my grandmother together was  wonderful, but it may have been the last time we all see one another for some time.

A Clothes Shopping Trip At Target

As we move into the New Year, YOUR donations helped pre-pay mom’s medical payments and dental payments through half of her 18 months of COBRA; we still need to brace ourselves for her second half of Cobra Copays. (Lets hope that President Obama extends the lowered COBRA payments even longer!) Mom turns 62 in September 2010, and we’re looking forward to her ability to move into Medicare insurance so that she’ll be able to afford her medicines, food supplements for the feeding tube, and co-pays for medical visits. Our goal for raising donations for the next set of Co-pays is 400 dollars a month.

Thank you for continuing to support Marla. Thank you for any small donations you continue to make. And thank you for your prayers, love, and support! Please circulate our cause!

Send Marla a card at: 9450 East Fork Circle; Anna, TX 75409

You can continue to send monetary donations made out to Marla Gregg to 4100 Arch Drive #10; Studio City, CA, 91604.

Much love, peace, and health in your New Year!

Kirsten and Mathew


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