Marla made it to Texas!

After a morning of freeway closings, security slow down, and  rain, Marla arrived to Dallas Fort Worth around 2p Texas time. She was thrilled that my cousin Michele was waiting at the gate with a big orange sign and silver lettering welcoming her to Texas. They drove about an hour or so to my Uncle Mac’s house and are getting mom settled in. Mom’s spirits were good this weekend; she was definitely happy to be out of the rehab facility–and she had a great couple of days visiting with my Grandma Wood.


Mom’s next few months will be about taking care of her eye, and also figuring out her financial situation. We filled her prescription for a month for about 90 dollars, but once her insurance runs out, we’re not sure how that cost will change. Mom’s COBRA will continue for another 11 months, but there will be some lag time between insurance ending and medicaid/medicare taking over some of her costs. Mathew and I are hoping to refocus on our own lives soon, once much of mom’s details are ironed out. It’s been a full 6 months of mom in a facility, and now the bills are rolling in. It will take some time to sort through them all and to figure out the what’s and how’s of everything.


Mom could definitely use some mail at the new place, so I am putting a call out to anyone who might be able to send her a postcard to cheer her up and to get her spirits going. Her address is:

9450 East Fork Circle

Ana, TX 75409


We are so THANKFUL to YOU for your ongoing support of my mom.


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